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26 Nov 2013 Tuesday Threes

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A few of my favorites for this week:

Nature blog – Top 5 most hated interview questions In addition to identifying these questions, bloggers are following up with how to respond.  Also, a tip from a recent observation of a job interview over dinner: don’t ask your interviewer if he wants to do shots.  No, this was not me.

About NEURO.tv and donations The first link is for the NEURO.tv main page, featuring links to the discussions/videos as well as information about the scientists and philosophers.  The second link is for those of you who are feeling generous.  Please help these wonderful people meet their stretch goal.  Also, I really want to see JF dance.

Neuroskeptic blog – The Neuroscience of Everyday Life I love Neuroskeptic for always inspiring me to dig a little deeper and think a little harder.  I think you will too.

And with that, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Let the holiday season begin!

That sounds like a recipe for serotonin syndrome...

That sounds like a recipe for serotonin syndrome…

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